Maltese, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu leather dog collar

Handmade leather custom tooled dog collar would be a great gift for your bestie Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Maltese and more that have a 12″ neck size. It’s made from two(2) straps of vegetable tanned leather, glued together, tooled,edges beveled, and hand painted. Then hand stitched in royal blue and top coat finished in its entirety. The buckle is solid brass with a brilliant nickel plating, welded d ring and a matching leather keeper. The colors white banner, red hearts, and british tan background. Thank you for stopping by



Tribal jewelry, Dog jewelry, Siberian Husky, Leather Dog collars, tribal leather dog collar, Leather Dog

Tribal jewelry, Dog jewelry, Siberian Husky, Leather Dog collars, tribal leather dog collar, Leather Dog

Leather dog collars

Leather dog collars with Irish in mind are these custom tooled handmade 1″ wide  with 5/8″ stylish tapered ends collars.  These are the latest leather bounty from acrossleather . Made for 3 very special Blenheim Spaniels.

Materials are European vegetable tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather, waxed linen thread, barge glue, beeswax, acrylic paints, solid brass heel bar buckle with a brilliant nickle plating and a poly coat top finish for years of beauty and service 😉


Leather dog collars

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custom floral design

It shows wonderfully and comes in at 3/8″ thick.  Strong, gorgeous tooling and meticulous detail.


Here’s a Celtic type design hand tooled and finished in black and yellow highlights. Hand stitched and meticulously created.

Introducing the roses themed tooled leather dog collar

“Across Leather” Studio brings to you a step by step pictorial of a leather dog collar being brought to life.

Today I’ll finish the tooling, accomplish a stitch groove for the waxed linen thread and maybe spray some color to this piece. The stitch groove allows the thread to be approximately the same level as the leather to avoid any premature snags and add to it’s longevity.

3 years ago today in leather

The excited Miss Daisy took delivery of her first “Across Leather” custom tooled leather dog collar.
The oak leaves are arms to chairs when I was sub-contracting some tooled leather work from Northwest Native Designs owned by Ernie Apodaca.